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Internet in China becomes a platform for muckracking

Monday, April 6, 2009, 12:26
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Recently a group of Chinese Internet users went on a witchhunt to expose a local government official at a media watchdog, posting uploaded receipts adding up to nearly $7000 in dining, entertainment and massage expenses. Dubbed the Liuyang Scandal, Internet users started asking how such a lowly public servant could be living such a lavish lifestyle. Analysts point to the Internet as a content firehose that officials will have trouble controlling in the future. An estimated 3000 websites are created daily and while the government can limit some websites by setting up campaigns in the name of ridding pornography, for example, many say online communities are tuned in to updates on new sites before they catch the attention of officials. And the muckracking is not just limited to corruption. In another recent case, the mother of a young man executed for killing six police officers last year has used the Internet as a platform to tell her harrowing story.

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