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China refuses binding caps but pledges higher solar, wind power targets

Monday, June 15, 2009, 1:16
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Chinese leaders this week highlighted praise for green policies from visiting US climate change envoy Todd Stern while upping the ante on solar and wind power by pledging to reach the European target for 2020 in solar and wind power. Following Stern’s four-day visit during which the two countries discussed cuts on greenhouse gas emissions, Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Qin Gang announced it would be impossible for China as a developing country to accept any “binding or compulsory target”. The government has pledged, however, to ensure constructive negotiations in December climate policy talks in Copenhagen. Earlier in the week Zhang Xiaoqiang, vice-chairman of China’s national development and reform commission, told The Guardian that Beijing would be capable of surpassing previous targets for wind and solar power, hitting a 20 percent renewable target. The Chinese government has also promised to allocate US $30 billion for low carbon energy projects.

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